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Securing your organization's data isn't easy, but we can help


Need a senior level Cybersecurity Professional on your team but can't justify, or don't need, someone full-time? Avoid the onboarding and retention nightmares by hiring us as your Virtual CISO (vCISO) we'll be there when you need us. As a vCISO we can, amongst other things, create strategic roadmaps for your security maturity plans, consult with your business and technology teams and be your cybersecurity representation with your customers. If you've heard of Fractional CISOs this is the same thing - we work for you a fraction of the time!

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We have been guiding clients through their compliance challenges for years. Struggling with SOC2, PCI Compliance, HIPAA/HITRUST or ISO 27001? Struggle no more, those are things we work on every day at Angel Cybersecurity. We can do gap analyses as well as pre-assessment preparation to build up your security maturity. Then, when you're ready, we'll be your representative when the assessor shows up. We love that stuff, it's weird, we know.


Do you know you have security risk but don't know where or what? We can assess your risk based on best practices or compare against known frameworks so you can understand what needs to be fixed and why. Then you can focus your efforts and budget on those items which are of greatest concern.

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