Shortlist - Security Champion of the Year

Women in IT Awards
Silicon Valley

September 2019

Featured Woman to Watch

Women in Security: Women to Watch

July 2019

Featured Speaker - Becoming a Superwoman in Cybersecurity

Developing Superwomen in Cybersecurity

September 2018, San Francisco CA

Presentation - Incident Management in the Age of Disruption

Keynote Panel - Blockchain: Boom or Bust

June 2018, Foster City CA


Plugging the Leaks in Your Cyber Incident Response Plan (IRP)

May 2018, via WebEx

Panel Member

RSA 2018
So, you want to be a CISO?

April 2018, San Francisco CA


DEEP 2017 Conference
CIOs and CISOs - How they (and their teams) can work better together

October 2017, Boston MA

Compliance - the most bitter pill of security

Security All-In Podcast with
CSO Sam Curry

April 2018

Speaker - Cybersecurity:
What is it? Why should I care? What do I do?

May 2018, Tahoe CA