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Legal Software Platform

Director of Information Security

The level of effort required to get our legal cloud software company to to HIPAA compliance was a daunting unknown until Laura guided us with an efficient but comprehensive assessment and a clear plan to address our gaps.


Laura is highly knowledgeable, to the point, and a joy to work with.

Client Testimonials

Delta Dental of California

Kay Naidu


Cyber Risk Assurance

Laura worked with my team to launch our third party cyber risk assurance service.  She provided the much needed technical expertise and thought leadership to the newly formed team.  In addition to being highly competent, she provided insight into the strengths and weaknesses of team members, which helped align their skills with the tasks at hand.  She also assisted us in performing a PCI gap analysis, during which she was very knowledgeable, efficient and well prepared.


Laura is a straight shooter with a wicked sense of humor.  I highly recommend her for any senior level cybersecurity role.

Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

Director of Security & Privacy GRC

Laura swooped in to help the team prepare for our first onsite PCI audit, and her expertise was invaluable. Not only does she have deep knowledge of PCI, she quickly applied her background in infrastructure to learn our tech stack and walk our auditor through our more complex controls. She is a fantastic thought partner and a natural problem solver, focusing in on the highest risks and collaborating on strategies to mitigate. Laura happens to be hilarious too, and keeps morale high in times of pressure. 

Tatcha, LLC

Andrea Carver

Vice President

Digital Product Development

Laura was brought in to help conduct a PCI audit following the launch of our new website.  She quickly took the burden off my plate and started interviewing the various teams to complete the audit, keeping me updated along the way.  Not only was the audit quick and painless, her organizational skills are helping expedite the PCI audit process for our Year 2 audit.  


We’ve been so pleased with Laura’s deep and broad understanding of cyber security that we’re expanding beyond PCI compliance for ecommerce to put cybersecurity best practices in place throughout the organization.  I have no doubt that Laura will spearhead this challenge with great organization & knowledge, mentoring the teams along the way.  


Laura’s Superpowers:

  1. Translating technical jargon for the Business

  2. Making Cybersecurity ‘fun & easy’

Digital Healthcare Delivery Company

Andrew DiMichele


We brought in Laura to help us attain our ISO 27001 certification so we could do business with a large national health plan. We had a very tight deadline so we had to get this right on the first pass. Even though we had no existing security program to start from, Laura was able to establish our security policies, roll out our controls infrastructure, train staff, and create all necessary documentation within the span of a few months. Thanks to Laura's deep knowledge of the relevant standards, experience with the auditing process, and ability to command the organization at all levels, we passed our audit and made our go-live date. 

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